We are Beeloved

We're a beekeeping mother and daughter duo, Kim and Ruth. We're based in Hull, the City of Culture 2017 and have over 12 years of beekeeping experience between us. We harvest honey which comes straight from bee hives in Yorkshire. We simply drain it from the combs, filter it three times and hand pour it into our jars. There's nothing added and nothing taken away – honey at its finest.


Hands-On Experience

We cover the basics of beekeeping and explore why it’s important to keep bees. Our hands-on experience focus on the fascinating life of a bee. You will have the chance to put a bee hive together, hold the brood and honey frames as well as learning how to use a smoker and what to look for when you’re inspecting hives. Perfect for newbees.



Our talks comprise of a presentation of the history of bee. We look at how to take an empty hive and construct it to make it ready for bees. You will get to see the bees hard at work, and even get a chance to spot the queen bee! We’ll finish off with a little quiz and the winner will win a jar of our local honey.


Swarm Collection

We offer a swarm collection and removal service from gardens and homes for a small fee. We will come and collect the bees and will give them a home in our apiary. They will be well looked after. Please contact us for more information or if you’d like a swarm collection or removal of bees.


Interested in wholesale?

If you're interested in stocking our delicious, raw British honey or if you'd like anymore information on how we can help your shop, business or event, please send us an email on the button below.