Beeloved Bee Talks

We’ve had a lot of interest and questions over the past couple of months regarding our talks.

Our talks are great if you want to learn something a bit different, something educational as well as something new and exciting. 

Each talk will last about 45 minutes but may be slightly more (depending on how many questions you have!). The talk comprises of a presentation of the history of bees, exploring the life of a honeybee and Queen bee. We look at how to take an empty hive and construct it to make it ready for bees. Should the weather be in our favour, we always try and bring an observational hive. This gives you an opportunity to get to see the bees hard at work, and even a chance to spot the Queen bee! We’ll finish off with a little quiz and the winner will win a jar of our local honey. You’ll have the opportunity to buy our honey, beeswax candles, lip balms and much more which make perfect gifts.

Our talks can be held at your local village halls, youth clubs, gardening clubs, Woman’s Institute, Mothers Union and local events. If you would like us to do a talk for your local club or even for your coffee morning, please do get in touch.

There will be times throughout the year when we will be having our own stall at fetes, fayres, farmers markets and shows such as The Lincolnshire Show and Driffield Show. 

We look forward to hearing from you!



We are BeeLoved, a small team of two with 10 bee hives. We harvest our own delicious, raw honey, make pure beeswax candles and cosmetic products.