It's Earth Day!

“Let’s get really big stuff done for our planet.”

Today marks Earth Day. Whilst it’s important to recognise the big changes we can make to change our behaviour towards the environment, it’s also important to recognise the small, significant changes we are able of making. Of course, we’re talking about raising awareness of the small, humble bee.

Although the honey bee is no more than a couple of centimetres in size, the honey bee is one of the best pollinators for our food supply. Not only do they pollinate the plants in which we harvest a lot of our food from, but they provide us with delicious honey and also provide us with an array of products we use in our every day life. 

Incredibly, the honey bee is responsible for pollinating an estimated 71% of the world’s most widely consumed foods. That’s pretty incredible.

Unfortunately, the honey bee is threatened by the use of commonly used pesticides and a loss of habitat. They’re in rapid decline and unless we do something to better our future generations and support the bees, one day our children’s children may never be able to enjoy the wonderful feeling of picking an apple straight from a tree and biting into it. Scary thought, no?

Let’s celebrate the honey bee today. We’re not asking you to become beekeepers or leaders of the pesticide ban movement. It can simply start with planting bee-friendly plants in your garden. If everyone who reads this plants one bee-friendly plant in their garden this weekend, that would make a huge difference. Let’s set the bees up this summer with a wonderful array of plants to thrive from. And let’s face it, our gardens will look pretty too.

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