Hull Bee Lady, Jean Bishop's 95th birthday party!

Sometime’s in life you have the opportunity to meet incredible, generous people.

A few weeks ago we had the wonderful opportunity to meet Hull’s very own Bee Lady, Jean Bishop. We were invited to Jean’s 95th birthday party celebrations at Guildhall. The event was put on by BBC Radio Humberside. Jean has worked tirelessly over the years wearing a bee suit and a warm smile raising over £100,000 for the charity Aged UK. 

Everything for this birthday party event was donated and given as a gift for Jean. We were honoured to present Jean with a gift of all three of a seasonal honey's as well as a selection of our pure beeswax candles. Jean continues to be such an inspirational lady and even put her bee costume on throughout the event and went round to collect money with her tin! What an absolute inspiration! Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for so many people, Jean! We can learn a lot from your devotion, love and care for others that you give so effortlessly.

You can listen to the full BBC Radio Humberside interview here.



We are BeeLoved, a small team of two with 10 bee hives. We harvest our own delicious, raw honey, make pure beeswax candles and cosmetic products.