Foodstock London 2017

It's the second time we've been to Foodstock London in Battersea Park. Last year it was their first ever event and we enjoyed it so much as well as seeing people enjoy our observational bee hive - we decided to do it again!

Foodstock London is a 2 day food and music event packed with street food, farmer's food and local produce as well as excellent live music by new, talented artists and bands. Though the weather didn't exactly hold up for Sunday, we had a fantastic time showing South London our observational beehive and educating them on bees, our honey and why it's important to support British beekeepers.

With an observational beehive in place with a queen bee waiting to be spotted, three different types of honey to try and endless facts about bees, here's just a few of our favourite snaps.

Of course Foodstock wouldn't be Foodstock without these amazing small businesses...

From left to right: Global Fusion Vegan Creole, Alsop & Walker, Caves de Provence & Wiltshire Chilli Farm

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who visited our stand, tried our honey, talked to us, told us about their friend / brother / sister / mother / father / grandparent being a keeper of bees. And to all those who bought our honey, a candle or lip balm and supported us British beekeepers. There are not enough thank you's or words in the world.

Love, BeeLoved.


We are BeeLoved, a small team of two with 10 bee hives. We harvest our own delicious, raw honey, make pure beeswax candles and cosmetic products.