BeeLoved - Proud Sponsors of Wawne United Under 9's Football Club


We're over the moon to be sponsors of this fantastic and talented Wawne United under 9's football team! You all look absolutely fantastic in the new kit!

Here's what Alan, the head of the Wawne United Under 9's had to say....

"Wawne United Under 9’s where formed in the summer of 2016. 

We were offered the opportunity to move across to Wawne as one of our parents was a founder member of the highly successful Wawne Ferry men’s team, and word had spread of the ability of our group of lads and their performances on the field, so quite rightly they wanted us under their banner.

Starting in Group 4 in 2015, the lads developed a taste for winning and soon became a formidable force in the Group. This was born out of hard work in training sessions and professional standards on the pitch, from lads that where only 7 years old at the time. The standard of football was very high and we were starting to attract some very good players, which led to further success, and being promoted to Group 3 at the start of summer 2016.

As Wawne United we have continued to progress and the attitude and ability of the lads has made coaching/managing them a pleasure. We always believe in hard work, which has paid off and some of the displays of football this year have been amazing, which is all credit to the boys for their dedication and hard work. Phase 1 of the 2016/2017 season has just come to a close, with the lads (and me), hoping we’ve done enough to get promotion to Group 2, which would be an outstanding achievement bearing in mind the team has been together less than a year!

Running a kids football team is hard work and depends on the input of so many people, who work tirelessly behind the scenes, to give them the best opportunity that we can, to be the best that they can be. With that said, the parents must get some of the plaudits, as it’s them that ferry the kids here, there and everywhere, standing around in sometimes poo weather, all so their son can play football!

Lastly, football kit and equipment doesn’t come cheap, which is why we rely heavily on sponsors. This year, we have been lucky enough to be supported by some local businesses and proud to wear their logo on our shirts, so a massive “THANK YOU” to BEELOVED for their support."

It's an absolute pleasure lads. We hope you do well in upcoming tournaments! And you all look bee-rriliant in your new kit!




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